The California Bicycle Coalition invites you to join us in Sacramento for Bicycle Advocacy Day on April 28th and 29th.

Bicycle Advocacy Day is your chance to tell California state elected representatives how important it is to support our local communities with bike-friendly policies and funding. On April 28th, starting at 4:30 pm, you'll learn about our legislative agenda, and get all the training and information you need to effectively lobby. After the briefing, we'll enjoy beer, wine, and snacks, hear from elected officials on why constituent-to-elected contact is so important, and spend some time networking with others from around the state who care about bicycling.

The next morning, on April 29th, we'll rally at the capitol, enjoy some coffee, get coordinated, and head into the capitol to meet with legislators. Your participation at Bike Advocacy Day 2015 will enable us to push for three elements of our legislative agenda:

1. Increase the Active Transportation Program by $100 million. Nearly 1 in 5 trips in California are now on foot or by bike. California has a tremendous opportunity to again double walking and bicycling trips by 2030 with strategic, cost-effective investments in active transportation. But the state Active Transportation Program (ATP) is critically underfunded and under-resourced, with nearly $800 million in shovel-ready walking, bicycling and Safe Routes to School projects and programs left unfunded in last year’s ATP Cycle. Although $100 million is only a fraction of what is needed, it is a vital source of funding for projects in communities across California. Read more here.

2. Vote NO on the proposed helmet mandate. The evidence shows that mandatory helmet laws make the streets less safe for people on bicycles -- and for everyone -- by discouraging bicycling. Similar laws elsewhere have been demonstrated to decrease levels of bicycling. And we know that having more bicyclists and pedestrians on the streets makes them safer for everyone. Read more at calbike.org/sb192quickfacts

3. Support more bicycle education programs with our diversion program. California must enable more local bicycle education programs by supporting diversion programs allowing any person who is ticketed while riding a bike to take an education class for a decreased fine in lieu of paying a full ticket fee. Read more here

April 28th:

4:30-5:15 PM Meet at The Urban Hive and have a slice of pizza from Hot Italian.

5:15-6:15 PM Hear from Dave Snyder, Executive Director of the California Bicycle Coalition, State Lawmakers, and local leaders on our agenda, why it's so important for lawmakers for you to come, and why it's so essential for us to win from the perspective of local leaders.

6:20-7:10 PM practice in small groups how to talk to electeds, and the plan with local leaders. 

7:15-7:55 PM The California Bicycle Coalition takes final questions.

8:00-8:45 PM Socialize and have a drink after a day of travel.

April 29th:

9:00 AM Meet at the bike parking being organized by Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates and have a cup of coffee as we coordinate for the day ahead.

9:30-2:40 PM Meet with elected officials.

3:00 Meet with Caltrans. 

Bicycle Advocacy Day is presented by the California Bicycle Coalition, with the support of our sponsors.

Special Thanks to our Presenting Sponsor:

And thanks to our sponsor, GJEL Accident Attorneys.

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